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Gypsy and Tribal Communities

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Within these communities, Samugam has worked to create awareness about health and hygiene, HIV/AIDS, social and economical issues among the community and youth. Bruno, the director of Samugam, provides soap, toothbrushes, and beads (for jewelry making), among other things, to support the community. More ways they are trying to bring change in the community by providing sanitation, clothing and training in the health and hygiene with the support of volunteers, starting a crèche for children and teach them through non-formal ways in the school building constructed by Samugam, helping them live in a clean surrounding by tidying the colony and bathing the children, etc., and also motivating the children to live in JALY Home and undergo formal education with due permission from their parents. They hope to encourage savings, organize vocational training, conduct awareness camps, and more.

As Samugam engaged with the gypsy community, the parents were motivated to send their children to the city for formal education. But to do that, they needed a home. Not only did the gypsy children need a place to stay, but so did orphan and semi-orphan children who were found begging on the street. With the help of JAL ONG, Spain, they built a home and named it after their organization to express their gratitude. At the JALY Home, they attend formal school and lead a healthy life in a safe and clean environment. Currently there are 96 children in the program. Here, the children participate in activities like music, basic computer education, drawing, craft, educational tour, and health camps. In the future, they hope to offer more extra-curricular activities, organize training in various fields, help them develop special skills, set up a Children’s Parliament, organize exposure visits and provide multi-media support.

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