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Leprosy Victims

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Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease, which primarily affects the skin and the nerves surrounding the brain and spinal cord; it may also affect the eyes as well as the thin lining inside of the nose. Timely diagnosis and treatment of cases, before nerve damage has occurred, is the most effective way of preventing disability. While this disease is currently under control in India, many who have leprosy are still cast out of their families.

Founded in 1991 with the initial mission of helping those inflicted with leprosy, Samugam now continues to work with elderly leprosy patients in a group home where they receive physical rehabilitation and support. They are also provided with special shoes, food, and clothing. Samugam is doing its utmost to meet their emotional needs and families of the patients are provided with information on the disease, along with counseling and support. Samugam often celebrate festivals with the leprosy victims and on a monthly basis provide them with food and other necessary items for a comfortable life.

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